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Our Dogs

Eden vom Adlertal (aka Eve)

VJP 74; D1 FW: SG2j

Sire: Bozo vom Odins Wald 0644/19
S2, D2, D1, SW1, AZP1, BTR, HDA1, V, HN, VGP1
Dam: Caro von der Niederheide 0949/18
D1, D1, S1, HDA2, SG

Eve comes from the Adlertal kennel and has been an amazingly talented fast learning pup! In the field Eve is all business and naturally recognized any game bird she’s been hunted on since her first trip at 5 ½ months old. She is a natural retriever of game birds, ducks, and fur. In the home Eve is calm, well behaved, and loving to everyone she encounters.

The prey drive that is inherit in this dog will not allow a huge black berry bush to stop her. If there is game in it that needs to be taken out, she’s your dog! When it comes to recovering ducks, Eve will not be deterred even when the duck dives or sinks. Eve has been diving for ducks since an extremely young age of about 5 months. We look forward to Eve’s testing in Derby, VJP, HZP & Solms in 2024 and VGP 2025.

Heidi vom Wüstenjäger

D1j; FW: SGj

Sire: Bentley vom Adlertal 0544/21
D1, S1, NAKP1, HDA2, V, HN
Dam: Flirt vom Wüstenjäger 0667/12
D1, S2, HDA2, SG

Heidi is a young female coming up from our H litter. Her sire and dam will be running VGP in 2024. She is from an extremely calm litter of pups and is a fast learner, extremely loving, and has an amazing coat!!

We look forward to testing her as a junior in Derby & Solms at a minimum in 2024. She does not have to run those tests until 2025. We will not push her harder than age appropriate, therefore Solms may or may not have to wait until 2025. We will evaluate as we go and we look forward to her future!

Heidi moves us forward with our C litter lineage through Flirts sire Charger vom Wüstenjäger. She also carries the wonderful lineage from our Bree vom kleinen Fluss (aka Tracy), whom we lost in 2023, through her mom Flirt who is a daughter of Tracy. Along with this, we have been blessed to infuse the very nice blood lines of Bentley vom Adlertal!

Bentley and Eve’s mothers are littermate sisters from the C litter von der Niederheide. The C litter von der Niederheide is noted for their calm and pleasing nature combined with ease of trainability and natural desire.

Cora vom Wüstenjäger

D1, AZP1, HDA2, V2
Sire: Artus von der Riverfields 1365/09
D1, S1, HDA1, V, HN, VGP1
Dam: Orie vom Riverwoods 1323/08
D1, S1, HDA1, SG VGP1

Cora is an extremely calm and well-mannered hunting dog in the field. I have personally used her to block on the opposite side of the tree row from me or down field when we are short blockers while hunting millet fields for wild SD pheasants. She will remain steady through deer bounding past her as well as other game. When that running pheasant comes down but takes off on legs, she is always there to take them down. Cora loves the water and her duck work! Use of nose is excellent and she will track ducks on the water like a pro.

Our C litter vom Wüstenjager have been well known for their calm and loving nature as well as ease of training. Many have passed now. Cora remains here with us still and is 12 years old May 3 rd , 2024. She hunted with us last fall as usual! It is exciting when you hunt the young pup with the old hat and get that point and honor or double pin!! Cora and Eve pinned a sharptail in Montana beautifully! Wayne flushed it and I shot it!

Amber vom Wüstenjäger

D1, S0, S2, HDA1, SG
Sire: Zunder vom Wittikind 1167/06
D1, VBR, S1, HDA2, V, HN, VGP1
Dam: Xantara vom Riverwoods 0145/06
D1J, S2J, S1 VBR, HDB1, V, VGP1

Amber still resides with us here at home, she is 15 on March 1 st , 2024! Her hunts generally take place on the couch during her sleep now. However, she did get out to hunt on a special Pheasants Forever hunt on a preserve December of 2023! People couldn’t believe how good she was doing for 14 years old!!