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Hunting in Heaven

Xantara vom Riverwoods

D1J, S2J, S1, VBR, HDB1, V, HN, VGP1
Sire: Emanuel vom Steinwitten 0747/98
D1, AZP1, HD0, SG, HN
Dam: Ina vom Heidjer Moor 0931/96
D1, HZP1, HD0, SG, HN

Xantara (aka Tara) was our first DK and first to train and test in the DKV/JGHV testing system. Lovingly known as the pocket rocket, she was a very forgiving dog for all my learning and mistakes. Tara was the mother of Orie vom Riverwoods and therefore, the base foundation of our kennel. She was an incredible hunter with tons of natural talent and outstanding nose. We were fortunate that she passed down her incredible nose to all of her descendants. Tara has been gone for several years now but lives on in our memories and her many descendants that continue to bless our kennel.

Bree vom kleinen Fluss

D2, D1, S1, HDB1, SG
Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg 0614/10
D1, VJP70, AH, S1, HDA1, V, HN, VGP1
Dam: Dixie vom Speidel 0096/14
D1, S1, HDA2, V, VGP1

Bree (aka Tracy) was 100% Wayne’s dog from the moment they met in MO! She adored Wayne and would do anything for him. I did her force fetch training but Wayne did all the rest of her training and all of her testing. This was only his 2 nd dog to test. Tracy had an amazing nose and was one heck of a meat dog for Wayne. Her search while hunting was solid and expansive. Even though she was on the top of the standard in height, she could cover the ground all day long. Tracy was built for covering ground tall and leggy.

In her Solms test Tracy gave the gallery a huge laugh as she ran down her rabbit drag… all of a sudden her nose went to the ground and stopped abruptly… but her body kept going into a huge summersault! Not missing a beat she got up and kept going! We all thought she’d just left the rabbit. Nope, she then got to the rabbit, snatched it up, and ran full speed back to Wayne proud as could be. She loved ducks! She was not the one to get in the water just to cool off, but if she thought there was a duck out there, just try holding her back. Because of this she received a 4h in search behind live duck.

Unfortunately, Feb 2023 we lost Tracy unexpectedly. Vets could not figure out what caused it but she had a bilateral lung collapse. We had plans to breed her that month and were just waiting for her to start her heat cycle. Given the grave loss we were able to lease her daughter Flirt for our H litter.